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Production Designers have one of the key creative roles in the creation of Motion Pictures and Television. Working directly with the Director and Producer, they create the world of a film and select the settings and style to visually tell a story: They are responsible for all visual aspects in front of the camera.

Many films involve the creation of historic, futuristic, imaginary, or inaccessible settings or the disguising of present day locations. To accomplish this complex task, the Production Designer has a staff that often includes an Art Director(s) and/or Assistant Art Director(s) to technically develop the design concepts and manage the progress and schedule. The terms "Art Director" and "Art Direction" are also titles used interchangeably with "Production Designer" and "Production Design".

To that end, the Designer utilizes and oversees and coordinates all the talents of the Art Department.


Due to the somewhat small size of art departments in Austria, the German word "Szenenbild Assistenz" can be translated into many different jobs, as these assistants here are so called "jacks-of-all-trades":

Art Director: The person who oversees the artists and craftspeople who build the sets.

Set Designer: The person responsible for translating a production designer's vision of the movie's environment into a set which can be used for filming. The set designer reports to the art director.

Draftsman: A person who creates the plans for set construction.

Location Scout: A person who looks for suitable locations for filming.

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